Strategic Planning & Business Growth

You’ve built your business one piece at a time as needed. Now, instead of a dream home, you’re living in Willy Wonka’s Factory – frustrated, overwhelmed, and unsure of what to do next.


Strategic Planning

A process that unpacks all the pieces of your business and lays them out for clear examination. With a birds-eye view of your entire company, we can organize, prioritize and develop a growth plan for you and your team.

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8 Strategic Objectives

Simple but incredibly powerful points to move your business forward.


Business Growth + Financials

Facilitating growth through building a strong financial foundation


Analyzing how clients see and hear about your business

Operations Efficiency

Systems / processes analysis and recommendations

Team Growth

Identifying and utilizing the talents of team members and subcontractors

Offer Development

Finding out which areas of your business are most profitable and maximizing those efforts.

Client Experience

Tracking and optimizing customer experience and engagement

Professional Growth

Defining ways to develop your skills for business growth

Company Culture

Evaluating, defining, and improving the company culture

65% of businesses fail in the first 10 years from burnout.

Certified Director of Operations Badge
“I will help make sure you’re not one of them!”

As a certified DOO (Director of Operations) Kendra Gill can identify key areas of your business, help you prioritize them, and deliver a 90 day plan to take your business from Chaos to Clarity. As a former educator, Kendra has valuable insight for working with small to medium sized teams and getting results fast!

Kendra Gill
Owner & CEO, Mad Couch Co.
Certified DOO

3 Simple Steps

To get your business back on track

Step 1 IdentifyNo 1


We define/refine your Mission, Vision, and Values Statements to build a solid foundation for your business.
3 Steps OrganizeNo 2


We organize your thoughts, identify gaps, and pinpoint the projects that will move your business forward.
3 Steps PrioritizeNo 3


We map out your goals, prioritize your ideas, and craft them into a 90-day action plan for improving each area of your business.
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Client Stories

Kind words from real business owners like you.

5 Stars

"Huge Help!"

Strategic Mapping with Kendra is a great experience that I recommend for anyone needing clear direction for growing their business. Each session was focused and a huge help. I really appreciate Kendra’s systematic approach, guiding questions that generated ideas, and laying out a plan for my business goals.
Lacy Treadway Photo

Lacy Treadway

Lacy Summer Services
5 Stars

"Game Changing!"

Working with Kendra has been game-changing! Before working together I was unclear on how I wanted to structure my business and what services I wanted to offer. I left our last session with a clear vision & strategy on how to take my business to the next level. Thank you so much Kendra!
Ulyssia Gayle Photo

Ulyssia Gayle

Ulyssia Gayle Consulting, LLC
5 Stars


Kendra has been incredible to work with. Her process helped show us what parts of our business work well, and what parts need improvement. Her process allowed us to step back, look at all the pieces, and develop a plan to make sure that each area has a clear purpose. She really took the time to understand our business which impressed me the most. Our business has grown exponentially since working with her.
Chris Gill Photo

Chris Gill

Bryckroad Creative, Inc.
5 Stars


Kendra is wonderful to work with! I was impressed with how organized and thorough she was. Her strategy sessions were structured in a way that had me dig deep into what I wanted my business to be, then orient and prioritize the objectives and projects to align with my long term goals and vision. I walked away feeling confident with 12 month plan for my business. I can’t recommend Kendra and her strategic expertise enough!
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Julee Yokoyama

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Frequently Asked Questions

I need this! What are the next steps?

First, fill out this interest form so that I can understand your business a little better, and then we’ll jump on a discovery call to see if we’re a good fit. If we decide to work together, we’ll send an email with the follow-up steps. Then ba-da-bing, ba-da-boom: you’ll get your Welcome Email to start our VIP Day journey together!

Who is Strategic Mapping™ for?

Too many ideas, not enough time? Not sure what to focus on next? Feel like planning isn’t in your wheelhouse? Strategic Mapping is for you. The Strategic Mapping framework will take the guesswork out and put a solid plan together to clarify, organize, and prioritize all of your amazing ideas. We’ll work to create actionable steps to move you closer to your unique goals.

What are VIP Days?

VIP Days are a one-day intensive where we hyper-focus on one thing to make significant progress in your business. If you’re asking if we can develop a quarterly plan in just one day, the answer is an emphatic YES!

How much does Strategic Mapping cost?

The current investment for a Strategic Mapping™ VIP Day is $1800. If you’re ready to invest in your business, fill out this interest form!

Do you offer support after the VIP day?

Absolutely! We know that following the plan is imperative to reaching your goals. So we have included 7 days of Slack support and 3 accountability calls over the next 90 days.

Can I purchase a package of VIP Days?

Yes! Purchasing all four Strategic Mapping™ sessions at once so that you are ready for the entire year is an option! If a yearly package is purchased, you will receive a bonus Business Hub set up for FREE!

Can team members join VIP day sessions?

Strategic Mapping VIP Day sessions are best suited for a 1:1 session. We prefer only the business owner or CEO to be the stakeholder on the call. When more people are added, the process takes longer to find clarity and build your 90-day plan. If you need to add another person to the call, the amount of time we need to complete the process will increase – and so will the cost. Reach out for custom pricing!